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Prague 2014-09-15

Five of nine wins for offspring of French stallions and season record 1:14.4.

From Italy imported Tedo OK (Self Possessed (US) – Matilda Grif (I) Varenne (I)) dominated in race for 2-years old trotters with trainer and driver Mykola Volf in 1:19.9 on 1670m in front of his training mate – Volf’s own bred Perepelka (King Conch (S) – Pettite Privee (Do The Trot (US)) with Elena Volf. Domination of Volf-training centre completed another Italian product Tiarama Bi (Toss Out (US) – Iarama AS (I) (Varenne (I)) with Marina Volf.

Bahia Jiel (F) (Rombaldi (F) – Maya Jiel (F) (Big Prestige (US)) with Vjaceslav Samsurin took her second win in second race in 1:21.3 on 2180m very easily in front of another talented 3yo Swedish Megan Kemp (Make it Happen (US) – Dutch Joy (US) (Donerail (US)) with Mykola Volf. Best performed Czech breed was Alet Conch (King Conch (S) – Ann Tribute (S) (Firm Tribute (US)) with Jindrich Klaubenschalk.

Surprising winner of a race on 2180m for horses with low life earnings was 5yo Lucky Money (D) (Look de Star (F) – Little Larceny (D) (Power Seat (US)) in 1:21.9 which fought for win with Czech-bred Dorothy King (King Conch (S) – Defi du Gazeau (Defiant One (US)) from Mykola Volfs’ training. Third place took Swedish G.G.’s Sweet Dream (Was It A Dream (US) – Dream of Louisiana (S) (Dreamaster (US)) with Alena Tvrzova.

Amateur Alena Tvrzova won another race on 2180m in 1:18.8 with the favourite Ifetayo (D) (Abano As (D) – Kasey (D) (Habsburger (D)) in fight with Ain’tshes Diamond (D) (Yankee Matador (US) – Ain’t She Nice (D) (Crown Sweep (US)) with Michal Kalcik.

In the race for Czech-Elite met former derby-winner Bob Harley (NL) (Love You (F) – Miss Harley (S) (Atom Knight (S)), St.Leger winner of the same year Busby Cartouche (NL) (Juliano Star (F) – Sugar Limburgia (D) (Kramer Boy (S)) and former winner of several elite races in Czech Rep. and Hungary Zazazzoo (NL) (Passing Renka (NL) – Inside (D) (Speedy Soma (D)). Finally Bob Harley with Zdenek Skobis won the race in season record 1:14.4 for 1670m in front of Busby Cartouche (14.6) and Zazazoo (14.9).

Blue ribbon of the city of Prague for 3yo horses was a payback from Mykola Volfs’ Beautiful Yankee (RU) (Yankee Glide (US) – Breathtaking Tune (US) (Conway Hall (CA)) who won in 1:17.9 on 2180m. Evian Boko (NL) (Make it Happen (US) – Aqua (S) (Super Arnie (US)), who won the analogue in Ostrava 10 days ago, was third in 1:18.0. Also another Love You offspring Chuck Norris (D) with Zdenek Skobis was surprisingly in front of him.

Michal Kalcik’s Unzen (F) (Hermes de Pericard (F) – Miyakejima (F) (Renoso (F)) took his another win, first on short distance – 1670m, in front of Czech-bred Regent (Ride the Bullit (S) – Regenboog (D) (Super Way (US)) with Mykola Volf and Rudy Pierre (S) (Dajuc (F) – Karola November (D) (Sugarcane Hanover (US)).

Very easy wins were seen in last two races. Firstly Italian-bred Premium Edition (Turbo Sund (D) – Indivina (D) (Divinator (US)) in 1:18.8 on 2180m with Jindrich Klaubenschalk in front of Jos (D) (Love You (F) – Supergirl As (D) (Crowning Point (US)) with Zdenek Skobis and then Doutje (NL) (Love You (F) – Us Wowie (NL) (Frisian Dragon (US)) on the same distance in 1:18.0 with amateur Alle Loman in front of Peter Pan (F) (Kaisy Dream (F) – Harmonie Castelets (F) (Sancho Panca (F)) with Michal Kalcik.